About Us

Being mountaineers ourselves we try to provide what every hiker needs in order to enjoy every minute in our mountains. And that is hospitality, a big smile, hot food and a clean bed. And if you are not that much of an outdoor type thats ok, we are willing to provide the same plus try to pass on to you our love for nature, mountains and its people. It doesn't matter if you are staying at the refuge or you are just passing by, the people of the refuge are always happy to share information with you about the trails status, the weather conditions, accomodation on your next destination or any other information you might need. So be our guests and pay as a visit  and lets share our passion for the great outdoors and "planet" Crete.

Mountaineering Club of Chania

The Hania branch of the Greek Mountaineering Association -that was the first name of the Greek Mountaineering Club- was founded on 28th of September 1930.