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Check some of the trails you may explore close to the refuge. The refuge may provide a guide if needed all you have to do is send as a request at

Samaria gorge
Samaria Gorge


Propably the most famous trekking route on the Island and the longest gorge of Europe (14KM) is the center of the White Mountains National Park. 


Aprox. Hiking time: 5h


Tip: If you don’t like crowded hikes since the Gorge gets about 1000 visitors per day on high season, try it from the bottom up, there are bus and boat routes that can help you do that. Or go down as late as possible and spend the night at the village of Agia Roumeli at the end of it.

Gingilos summit
Gingilos summit


One of the most known summits of the White Mountains massif. A very well marked trail takes you to the altitude of 2005 meters with a magnificent view of the area.


Aprox. Hiking time 6h both ways


Tip: Make an early start and you might be lucky enough to meet some wild goats in the spring of Linoseli.

Melidaou summit Lefka ori
Melidaou Summit


Altitude 2133m a great view to north and south side of the island will give you the sense of flying.


Aprox. Hiking time 6h both ways from the refuge 8h from Ksiloskalo area.


Tip: Have some more water with you especially during the mid summer months there is no springs on the way.

Psari summit
Psari  Summit


Altitude 1817m a even that it is lower summit its position makes it a great view point of the Samaria gorge and the surrounding area. A freshly marked trail in 2017 leads you on the top easily without leaving any doubt about your bearing in order to enjoy your trekk.


Aprox. Hiking time 5h both ways from the refuge 7h from Ksiloskalo area.


Tip: Have some more water with you especially during the mid summer months there is no springs on the way.

Omalos plateau
Ksiloskalo – Kallergi ref. – Omalos


A very beautiful and interesting hike route that circles the east ridge of the plateau with great view all the way.


Aprox. Hiking time 5h


Tip : Make a stop to the refuge if you are not already a guest, for a refreshment and a great view spot.

500 meters after the junction of the E4 trail with the rural road prefer the new marked trail going to the  right from the ridge, much more better view (blue marks).

Voloakias summit
Volakias Summit


Right next to Gigilos summit Alt. 2100 meters and a great a view to the South coast.


Aprox. Hiking time 8h both ways.


Tip: The trail up to Gigilos cole is very well marked but after that there are no marks. So a guide is advised. 

Lefka ori traverse
Kallergi Refuge – Anopoli (White Mountains Crossing): 


The classic route to cross the massif through high summits and majestic valleys.


Aprox. Hiking time, Day 1 7h (up to Katsiveli area) Day 2 9h (up to Anopoli village)


Tip: Have a lot of water with you, there are no springs on the way and the water tanks you might meet are not always suitable for drinking. At Rousies area you can make a detour and hike up Pachnes summit the highest of the White Mountains alt. 2454m. If you are feeling lazy there is a 4 by 4 transfer service in Anopoli that can peak you up close to Rousies and save 6 hours of hiking.