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Panoramic view from the summit Fanari


A combination of more than fifty peaks higher than 2.000 meters. Deep ravines, a lot of gorges with steep crests and rocky paths. Our mountains are a genuine balcony between the Libyan and the Cretan Sea. Lefka Ori are really tough and many paths are difficult to walk through. No trees, wild with sharp stones and enormous extents with gravel that challenges the walkers on their excursions through the mountains.

That is why local people are calling them "Madares" wich could be translated into "bald" since the alpine zone starts around 1400 meters. Therefore climbers Greeks and foreigners consider the Lefka Ori hard mountains.However the magnificence of those mountains can offer breathtaking moments to its visitors. Pachnes is the highest peak 2.454 metres, the view towards both sides Cretan sea Libyan Sea, but Pachnes is not the ony summit with that privilege most of the summits offer an amazing view point on both sides of the island.

The first 20 peaks of Lefka Ori are:

1) Pachnes 2.454 m. 2) Troharis 2.401 m. 3) Mesa Soros 2.397 m. 4) Dipli Thodori 2.380 m. 5) Gavala 2.350 m. 6) Bournelos 2.342 m. 7) Svourihti 2.337m. 

8) Sternes 2.335 m. 9) Grias Soros 2.331 m. 10) Thodoris 2.320 m. 11) Katsouna 2.305 m. 12) Xerolimnia 2.288 m.13) Ag.Pneuma 2.254 m. 14) Zouridia2.250m. 15)Kentakia 2.243 m. 16) Exo Tourloti 2.240 m. 17) Modaki 2.224 m. 18) Kastro 2.218 m.  19) Kakovoli 2.214 m. 20) Askifiotikos Soros 2.213 m                          




A unique spot for a multi day trekking basecamp, Omalos Plateau is located on the west side of the Lefka Ori massif. Surrounded by high breathtaking summits the visitor has noumerous options of accomodation and local cousine in order to have the energy to explore the various trails of the area, such as Samaria gorge Gingilos summit, Agia Irini gorge, Psilafi summit and many others. The plateau is one of the largests in the island, visitors can observe the varity of endemic plants like the tulip that blooms in late April for example. Or admire the big number of wild birds such as the voltures or the bearded voltures that live in the area by the small  seasonal lake  on the south side of it.                                     

View of the plateau from the summit Gingilos