Tips on hiking around Lefka Ori


- Always have more than enough water with you if you are planing having a trekk over 2 hours. Dont be missguided by the blue marks on your map. Water in Lefka Ori cannot be considered as granded. 

- Always hike with a descent hiking map and compass. Even if you dont know how to use it, you will be able to show someone else where you wish to go.

- If you are traveling alone and going for the high grounds. Make sure to inform someone about your route and time of arrival.

   Your hotel's host or the refuge manager would be perfect for that.

-Check the forecast before. Even the fact that Crete has a very mild climate the moutains can suprise you, so stay informed on the weather intentions

- Leave nothing behind but footprints.

- Be polite to other hikers and users of the trail you meet. A welcome smile is always nice.

- On your way you might meet wire fenses, there is always a door, open it, pass through and close it again never leave a fense door open if it wasn't.

- Mitato. Is what the small stone huts around the mountain are called and there were build by sheperds to live and produce cheese during the summer, most of          them are not functionall anymore but they can provide shelter in  emergency situations.

- In case of emergency you call 112 the european emergency center


Useful links


Live weather station Kallergi refuge ( http://stratus.meteo.noa.gr/stations/snow_chania )

Weather forecast Gingilos summit

Mountaineering club of Chania


Management Body of Samaria National park


Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and climbing


Hellenic Federation of Speleology


Public bus services

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